Can You Freeze Pomegranate Seeds?

The crystal-like, red-colored, sweet, and tart edible seeds inside Pomegranate fruits are known as pomegranate seeds. Pomegranate seeds have numerous benefits that help you in keeping healthy and fit. With these many benefits, you can always freeze pomegranate seeds in bulk to enjoy their fruity taste whenever you want.

Pomegranate seeds

Can you Freeze Pomegranate Seeds?

The answer is Yes! You can undoubtedly freeze pomegranate seeds from six months to around one year and use them whenever you want to get numerous benefits from these fruity seeds, whether it be in drinks, salads, chocolates, etc. These Pomegranate seeds will benefit you in the long term and elevate your taste buds by enhancing your food.

Will it Preserve All the Nutrients?

Yes, even if you preserve Pomegranate seeds, all the nutrients will stay preserved. If you are looking for a fruit that’s a great source of nutrients, Pomegranate is one of them! It’s not only an aesthetically pleasing fruit, but this fruit is rich in nutrients. That is why we have listed some of the nutritional miracles below.

Pomegranate Seeds include:

? Vitamin K is beneficial in the prevention of blood clotting, enhances athletic performance, fights breast cancer, keeps diabetes controlled, etc.

? Vitamin C helps protect cells and keep them healthy by maintaining blood vessels, skin, bones, etc.

? Vitamin B-9 (Folate) helps in healthy red blood cell formation.

? Potassium helps in the movement of nutrients into cells, helps in reducing blood pressure, etc.

? Healthy Fibers assist in swift digestion.

? Antioxidants help strengthen immunity, reduce signs of aging, and more.

How to Freeze Pomegranate Seeds?

Pomegranate is a season full of love, laughter, and sweetness of fruits that comes and goes too fast. You’ll see the markets brimming with red pomegranates from September to November, but you can always freeze pomegranate seeds to use them throughout the year. Here’s how you can do that:

1. Use the Flash Freeze Method

If you want to freeze pomegranate seeds, one of the easiest methods is to flash-freeze them. For that, the simple steps are:

  • Cut open the pomegranates.
  • Remove the seeds carefully.
  • You’ll need a sheet pan, parchment paper, and an hour to finally transfer the frozen pomegranate seeds in a ziplock bag or freezer-safe container.

If you are wondering how the flash freeze method works, The process is simple – Cut the pomegranates and take out all the seeds nicely. Clean the white pith, if any, by washing it off. Once done, carefully dry the seeds using a paper towel. Now freeze the seeds for at least half an hour or till the seeds have become fully firm but not frozen. Once done, the pomegranate seeds are ready to be stored in a freezer-friendly bag.

2. The Ice Cube Method

You can always go for the ice cube method to give a twist to your taste buds. In this method, you can freeze pomegranate seeds by extracting their juice and carefully pouring it into an ice tray. Now freeze it for a day to three days, and you are good to go! It is essential to know how to utilize the pomegranate juice. If you aren’t sure where to use it, add it to smoothies and drinks, add a dash of color to your salad, and more.

3. Simple Freezing Method

If you are looking for a simple method where you can freeze your pomegranate seeds and enjoy them later, you can do that by a simple freezing technique. First, you have to cut the fruits and separate the seeds gently from their peel.

Now, you have to spread the pomegranate seeds in a single layer on a baking sheet and line it up with parchment paper. Now place this tray in the freezer and let the seeds freeze for a few hours until they are solid. Once the seeds are completely frozen, you need to transfer their seeds into a freezer-safe bag or container. Make sure to remove as much air as possible before sealing. You need to label the bag or container with the present date so you can get an idea of when you stored it in the freezer.

4. Sugar Coating

Once you have removed the Pomegranate seeds from the fruits, you can toss the seeds with a bit of granulated sugar. What you can do is, spread the sugared seeds on a baking sheet mix them well with the pomegranate seeds and place them in the freezer until they are frozen probably.

Once you feel the seeds are fully frozen, you need to transfer the frozen seeds into a freezer-safe bag or container. Make sure to seal it tightly, and mention the date before putting it back in the freezer!

4 Easy Tips for Freezing Pomegranate Seeds

  1. You must select ripe Pomegranates that are in the best flavor, neither too sour nor unsweetened. These ripened pomegranates are just perfect pieces you can freeze for yourself.
  2. Ensure to use fresh seeds. These fresh seeds are clear from any molds that can harm you severely on consumption.
  3. Before you freeze Pomegranate seeds, it is essential to remove excess moisture, which can be done by patting the seeds dry with a paper towel.
  4. You need to freeze the pomegranate seeds in smaller portions as it will make it much easier for you to utilize them whenever needed.


Pomegranate seeds and red-colored gems not only look pleasing to the eyes, but they also taste incredible! If you are someone who wants to get excellent mental and physical benefits, then consuming Pomegranate is the best form of remedy for them. Consistent use of Pomegranate helps eliminate joint pain and arthritis, is profitable in fertility, fights cancer and harsh bacterial infections, boosts memory, and others. You can freeze this fruit straight from Heaven to enjoy its perks for several months!

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