Where Can I Buy Moringa?

If you take a look around the internet, you’ll find dozens of online shops claiming that their Moringa is the purest, the best, the most ethically-sourced. Some of those claims are true! Unfortunately a lot of them aren’t. Buying superfoods can be difficult if your local grocery store doesn’t carry them. So where should you go to buy Moringa?

We looked at three factors when making this list:

  • The quality of food.
  • The company’s environmental impact.
  • The company’s social impact.

We tried small shops and large ones, US-based and otherwise. Ultimately, however, we kept coming back to three. So here’s our list of the three best shops for buying Moringa powder, energy bars, and teas.

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Aduna: Our Pick for Variety

Aduna Moringa products
Photo © Aduna

Aduna is a social business, which means we were set up to create positive social change in the world. Our mission is to create sustainable incomes for rural African households. […] Unlike other companies who operate at arms-length from producers, Aduna works directly with rural communities in Africa. This enables us to ensure quality standards and that producers are paid a fair price for their goods.

-From Aduna’s Mission Statement

Aduna is probably one of the most well-known health brands out there, and for good reason. Based in London, Aduna prides itself on both the quality of its goods and its sourcing. All of Aduna’s food products–which include not only Moringa but also Baobab, Cacao, and Hibiscus–come directly from farmers in rural Africa, and Aduna makes very sure that those farmers are paid sustainable incomes.

Since Aduna launched in 2012, it’s blazed its way through the health community; it was shortlisted for the Guardian’s Sustainable Business Awards in 2015, won the Great Taste Awards that same year, and was a finalist in Social Enterprise UK’s International Impact Awards in 2016.

Aduna has expanded its food offerings in the last several years, and you can now buy Moringa powder and tea. And if you’re not sure how to use your Moringa powder, Aduna also has a huge collection of recipes. Whatever you need, Aduna’s got you covered.

All in all, Aduna is hard to beat in terms of taste, quality, and social impact; you only need to check out all of its 5-star reviews to see that. The other companies on this list definitely put up a good fight, though.

Next up: Kuli Kuli.

Kuli Kuli: Our Pick for Social Responsibility

Kuli Kuli Moringa powder
Image © Kuli Kuli

Kuli Kuli’s mission is to improve nutrition and livelihoods worldwide through moringa. Our vision is to work with women-led farming cooperatives all over the world to drive economic growth, women’s empowerment and sustainable agricultural development. We are creating a world where everyone has the resources and knowledge to access the nutritional power of moringa. By rejuvenating moringa as a tool for nutritional security, we hope a new generation will imagine a world without hunger.

From Kuli Kuli’s Mission Statement

Unlike Aduna, Kuli Kuli’s whole focus is Moringa. In fact, Lisa Curtis founded the company entirely due to the effects Moringa had on her own life. While serving as a Peace Corps volunteer in Niger, Lisa Curtis began suffering from fatigue. She then tried Moringa at the recommendation of the local community health center. Moringa worked so well for her that Lisa began partnering with local communities to encourage them to both use and sell Moringa leaves.

Kuli Kuli launched on crowdfunding website Indiegogo in 2013, and within a month it surpassed its $50,000 fundraising goal. That same month, Whole Foods offered to carry Kuli Kuli’s products. 

You can also buy their products on Amazon, such as Kuli Kuli’s organic Moringa powder.

Kuli Kuli sources Moringa directly from small farmers around the world: Ghana, Cambodia, Uganda, and more. In 2015, Kuli Kuli partnered with Whole Foods, the Smallholder Farmers Alliance, and the Clinton Foundation’s Haiti Program to help reforest Haiti with Moringa. Not only does Kuli Kuli now source some of its Moringa from Haiti, but it also provides Haitian farmers and women-led co-ops with sustainable wages.

Kuli Kuli’s goal is to end hunger and malnutrition. For the past five years, it’s worked tirelessly towards that goal. Kuli Kuli delivers high-quality products while offering higher-quality work, and is in every respect a favorite.

They also have recipes. Please check them out.

Thrive Market: Our Pick for Best All-Around

Thrive Market
Image © Thrive Market

We started Thrive Market because we knew what food could be: made of real ingredients, kind to the environment, reasonably priced, catered to our needs, and delicious. Thrive Market is what food used to be, the food we’d been looking for all along. Picked by values, priced without unnecessary layers, and delivered to you for free.

From Thrive Market’s Mission Statement

Thrive Market is essentially Costco for the health-conscious. Thrive Market functions a lot like a wholesale club: members pay an annual fee of $59.95 and are then able to buy healthy foods at a steep discount. Unlike most similar stores, however, Thrive Market takes social responsibility seriously. Every time that someone buys a yearly membership, Thrive Market donates a free membership to a low-income family.

Thrive Market sources from a number of different suppliers, including Kuli Kuli, so you might actually recognize some of its offerings. TM takes careful care to vet every single one of those offerings, however; you never need to worry about buying anything not ethically-sourced or environmentally friendly, because Thrive Market has already done the worrying for you.

Thrive Market has a dozen different types of different Moringa products: teas, powders, capsules, lip balms. It also sells just about everything else, though. Vegan products, paleo products, gluten-free products; if you need it, Thrive Market probably has it.


There are dozens of places to buy Moringa online, and we’ll never be able to review them all. This list doesn’t even cover where to buy Moringa seeds or drumsticks; that’ll be the subject of a subsequent article. However, each of these shops works hard to ensure the highest quality in their Moringa products, and each is one we heartily recommend.

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