26 of the Best Moringa Recipes You’ll Ever Try

If you’ve only just started your Moringa journey, you may be wondering how best to eat it. Moringa tablets are easy, and Moringa and honey tea tastes great, but both get boring after a while.

So how are you supposed to use up the Moringa powder bags now filling your kitchen? You try out some of these Moringa recipes, that’s how.

Here you’ll find a list of our 27 favorite Moringa recipes, from snacks to entrees to appetizers to smoothies.

No matter what you’re looking for, you’re sure to find it here.

Still not sold on Moringa, that’s okay – we believe our Moringa 101 guide will sell you, check it out here:

Moringa Superfood Smoothie with maca, flax seed and tahini

moringa smoothie d

In a world of beautiful smoothies, it’s difficult to say that this smoothie is the most beautiful smoothie I’ve ever seen, but this smoothie is the most beautiful smoothie I’ve ever seen. It takes two minutes to make and two minutes to drink, and from the first moment that I tasted this gorgeous raspberry-blueberry-moringa confection all I’ve wanted is more.

Find the recipe here, via Kind Earth

Moringa Guacamole

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I’m speaking as a guacamole connoisseur: this is one of the best guacamoles I’ve ever had. I’m not sure if it’s the moringa or the cherry tomatoes or the coriander, but it all combines into a dish that makes me want to cry.

Try it out here, via Aduna

Raw Moringa and Mint Chocolate Squares

aduna moringa mint choc squares web

I’m gonna be honest: if a recipe has more than about six ingredients, it’s probably too complicated for me to want to try it. I’m gonna be even more honest: the moment a recipe looks this gorgeous is the moment my six-ingredient rule goes flying out the window. Just look at it. I’ve never seen such a perfect shade of green.

Check out the recipe here, via Aduna

Green Hummus Crackers

making moringa with hummus

Deep dark confession: Hummus is one of the few healthy foods I genuinely love. But Maria, you might say, you run a website about the benefits of the health food to end all health foods. Such is the hypocrisy of man.

That aside, I honestly love hummus, and the moment I realized that you could make hummus crackers is the moment my soul ascended away from this earth. The moment I realized you could make them out of Moringa was the moment my soul returned to earth so that I could turn the oven on.

Make sure to check this recipe out over at Niapurenature!

Pumpkin Seed Moringa Cupcakes

moringa cupcakes alternate1

FPF is one of my favorite recipe blogs, mostly on account of how they are never willing to sacrifice taste in the name of being healthy, which (if the number of desserts on this list hasn’t made obvious) I am a Big Fan of.

This recipe is no exception. Moringa. Pumpkin seeds. Melted chocolate. It’s like someone spied on my id and came up with a list of all my favorite things.

Nab the recipe by visiting Rachels Blog!

Vegan Superfood Ice Cream

vegan superfood ice cream 1200x800 1

Once upon a time I thought mixing Moringa with chocolate was the most genius thing a human has ever done. I was wrong. Mixing it with ice cream is the most genius thing a human has ever done.

The only downside of this recipe is that it’s specifically made for those with ice cream makers. If you don’t have an ice cream maker, though, you can also make ice cream by hand! It takes longer, but there are great instructions here.

Grab the recipe here via the Happy Family and Home.

Magical Cacao and Matcha Moringaroons


The only thing better than these sweet and healthy breakfast snacks is that fact that they’re called moringaroons. Cacao, Moringa, matcha have finally come together in a perfect storm of good-for-you deliciousness, and our lives will never be the same.

Find the recipe here, from Breakfast Criminals

Superfood Moringa Brownies

brownies jpg

These Moringa brownies are made with flaxseed, which means you could probably eat them for every meal of the day and not feel guilty. I’m almost positive that’s what it means. Even if you decide to limit yourself to a single brownie, though, the end product is filling (and delicious) enough that you’ll be more than satisfied. Try serving them with strawberries or your favorite fruit to make the end result even better!

You can find the recipe here, via Mother Earth Living

Easy Blender Moringa Pancakes

easy moringa pancake recipe

These Moringa pancakes are made using oats, moringa powder, and applesauce, so not only are they the healthiest, most filling pancakes you could eat, but they’re also so delicious my mouth is watering as I type.

Get the recipe at Good Food Baddie!

Spinach, Moringa, & Goat’s Cheese Croquetas

The majority of the dishes found in this list are sweet ones because I have biases.

However, there are absolutely ways to use Moringa in savory recipes as well! These Moringa/goat cheese croquetas are one of my favorites; small enough that you can eat 20 of them, delicious enough that you want to eat 20 of them, and Moringa-filled-enough that you can probably convince your friends it’s a good idea to eat 20 of them.

Check out the recipe at Aduna!

Moringa & Spinach Tortillas with Roasted Veg Filling

spinach moringa tortilla web 58a813b8 d3a4 46f5 8e0d

Tortillas are omnipresent in our house, but until I saw this post, it had been years since I actually thought about changing up our usual recipe. The Moringa and spinach give the tortilla a soft green color and a bit more taste than most corn tortillas normally have, and the end result is fantastic. The recipe on Aduna uses a delicious veggie filling, but you can easily sub in beans, cheese, barbacoa, or anything else you’d like.

Find this delicious Aduna recipe here!

Super-Cacao, Moringa, and Baobab Lollies

aduna vegan ice lollies web f2562124 0404 4ae1 a999

Technically, this recipe is actually three different recipes, and only one of the recipes has Moringa, but each of them are delicious. The other lollies are made with baobab and cacao, and the Moringa lolly includes honey, avocado, yogurt, and blueberries, so whichever one you end up trying, you can be sure the end result is going to be yummy.

You’ll find this yummy dish here!

Homemade Moringa Noodles

gluten free moringa noodles 6666 2048x1365 1

I’m pretty sure that these noodles were created specifically to torment me every moment that I’m not eating them, which, I guess, is what you want every type of noodles to do. Made from scratch with moringa, eggs, and gluten-free flour, the end result is something yummy enough you’ll want to use in all your pasta concoctions, but healthy enough that you can get away with eating second and third helpings.

Visit Yardibles Urban Garden to get this recipe!

Moringa Chocolate Almond Bliss Balls

aduna moringa choc balls web 77068f2d 2ea5 468a aa08

These little snack balls are made of chocolate, almonds, and Moringa, so that’s basically 3/3 for my favorite things. The only thing better than how they taste is how beautiful they look; the first time I saw the recipe photo I’m pretty sure I gasped aloud. The recipe itself is also super simple: the hardest part is waiting for the dates to soak, and everything after that is quick and easy enough that even the busiest person will have enough time to squeeze these into their schedule.

You’ll find the recipe for these bliss balls here!

Healthy Moringa Oatmeal Recipe

moringa oatmeal recipe featured

Oatmeal is one of my favorite breakfast foods purely because of how simple it is to make and how filling it is, and this Moringa-sprinkled twist on an already great dish is enough to push it over into legendary territory.

The syrup and mulberries also add a dash of sweetness, so even if you’re eating oatmeal for health reasons, the final product is delicious enough to eat for meals on end.

Check the recipe out at Nuts.com

Spaghetti with Roasted Sungold Tomatoes and Moringa

spaghetti moringa tomatoes erin boyle

This recipe bills itself as “the healthiest spaghetti you’ll ever eat,” which is probably true, but it also tastes dang good.

I’m not sure what it is about the combination of Moringa, garlic, and sun-dried tomatoes that makes this spaghetti taste so good, but it somehow manages to be both extremely simple (7 ingredients) and extremely savory all at once.

It’s definitely something you can throw together in 20 minutes on a busy day. Also definitely something you can happily eat for leftovers for a week on end.

You’ll find the recipe over at Gardenista!

Moringa Dill Quiche

screen shot 2022 03 13 at 6.55.59 pm

Here’s a deep dark secret: the first time I had quiche was in my twenties. I’m just not much of an egg person! This particular quiche, however, is so good my mouth’s watering just looking at the photo again.

Dill, Moringa, garlic, cheese, and cream combine to make this both one of the healthiest and one of the yummiest quiches I’ve had outside of a restaurant. If you’re looking for a solid breakfast dish, definitely give this one a go!

Check out Moringa Matters for this delicious recipe!

Superfood Double Chocolate Chip Cookies

double chocolate superfood oatmeal cookies

If by now you’ve started to get the sense that we at Morning Gardens love chocolate, you wouldn’t be wrong.

These cookies are absolutely decadent, but the Moringa also gives it a really nice, brisk taste that goes so well with both the chocolate and the nut butter. And you can tell your friends that they’re healthy, too.

You’ll find this recipe at Sunfood!

Moringa Blueberry Waffles

screen shot 2022 03 13 at 6.59.47 pm

Blueberry waffles are among the finest creations humanity has thus far invented, and these Moringa blueberry waffles live up to their illustrious name.

Made with almond flour, Moringa powder, and blueberries, these waffles are filling enough to last you all the way through lunch, but delicious enough to make you wish you could snack all the way through lunch, too.

If you’re looking for a mix of sweet and tart, this is where to go.

Want this recipe? Check out Anthony’s Goods!

Easy Moringa Leaves Chicken Recipe

how to make moringa chicken

I love every recipe on this list, but this is the dish that made my mother tell me she had hope for me as an adult after all. In other words, this one has a special place in my heart. The author calls it “finger licking delicious,” and she is not wrong.

This Moringa-filled chicken soup is loaded with spices and herbs, and the result is a dish that had me filling up my bowl with thirds.

Check out this scrumptious dish at Sinamon Tales!

Spicy Cilantro Pesto with Moringa

recipe spicy moringa cilantro pesto e1499877403631

I’m not normally the biggest fan of pesto, so I was actually reluctant to try this Moringa/cilantro twist on the dish.

The fact that they included cayenne pepper intrigued me, though, so I put the ingredients in a blender, dipped in a piece of bread, and was then transported into a pesto-filled dreamland of gloriousness.

What I’m saying is try this one; it’s definitely a recipe you’ll come back to again and again.

Find this recipe at Vitacost!

Chunky Monkey Moringa Smoothie

screen shot 2022 03 13 at 7.08.45 pm

The first time I saw this recipe I jumped up out of my chair and ran to the kitchen so fast I almost knocked over my laptop. I didn’t have any dates at the time, so my version wasn’t complete, but the smoothie came out so good that I drank the entire thing myself, even though I’d told myself I was going to save some for my mom. Sorry, mom.

It did leave me with enough energy that I entirely skipped coffee that day, though! I’m not sure if that’s because of the Moringa or the cacao, but suffice to say this smoothie has entered my weekly rotation.

This recipe is over at Making Thyme for Health!

Egg Rolls With Moringa Leaves

egg rolls with moringa leaves recipe eggs with drumstick leaves 1

Archana’s kitchen has a ton of Moringa recipes, but this is a definite favorite. This is one of the only egg recipes I truly love, and when I say that I love it, I mean I love it. The egg to cheese to chilies ratio is fantastic!

The Moringa gives a subtle edge to the flavor! The end result is something I’ve made both as breakfast and as a midnight snack! This is truly a versatile dish and one I heartily recommend.

Get the recipe at Archana’s Kitchen!

Pistachio Amaranth Moringa Bars

pistachio amaranth moringa bars 14

The author of this blog is dedicated to making gorgeous vegan cakes, which is probably why these bars look like they descended from heaven to bless humanity with perfection in a bite.

These Moringa bars use pistachios, amaranth, nut butter, and a host of other delicious ingredients to turn a protein bar — one of the most boring of foods — into a sweet fit for royalty.

Want the recipe? Check out Nirvana Cakery for this and more!

Moringa Powerballs

screenshot www.instagram.com 2015 12 22 14 36 50

Energy balls are one of my favorite snacks because I can eat them constantly and still convince people they’re healthy.

Not that they’re not healthy; this Moringa recipe contains oats, Goji berries, and chia seeds–it’s very healthy.

But it doesn’t taste healthy; these power balls taste like a luxury chocolate brand decided to branch out into the world of Moringa. I could genuinely eat them all day.

You’ll find this recipe at Kuli Kuli Foods!

Shukto – Bengali Mixed Vegetable in Mustard and Poppy Seed Gravy

This is the only recipe on this list that uses the Moringa drumsticks rather than the leaves, and the result is a delicious Bengali vegetable dish that immediately sent me to the store to pick up panch phoran.

All I can say is that Archana has two recipes on this list, and it’s because she knows what she’s doing.

Check out this recipe at Archana’s Kitchen!

Peanut Butter Lava Moringa Blackbean Brownies

screen shot 2022 03 13 at 7.17.41 pm

Any food with the word “lava” inside it automatically has my attention, so the moment I saw this Moringa recipe was the moment I knew I’d just found my new best friend. If the presence of blackbean worries you a bit, 1) you’re not alone–I’ve spent my entire life eating them with rice, and the thought of mixing them into my sweets wasn’t something I’d ever considered, and 2) give them a try anyway; the end result was actually great. You can absolutely substitute them for flour if you’d rather, though!

Find this delicious dish over at A Healthy Leaf!

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