15 Best Ingredients To Add To Your Moringa Tea in 2024

Meet the “miracle tree” – Moringa, a rich source of minerals and vitamins, celebrated as a superfood for its multitude of scientifically-backed health benefits.

While Moringa tea might not be everyone’s cup of tea, fear not! Some folks prefer blending Moringa with other ingredients rather than sipping it solo. In this rundown, we’ll explore 15 best ingredients you can add to your Moringa tea.

Get ready, as number 6 might surprise you!

How to Make Moringa Tea Taste Better: 15 Different Ingredients

We understand.

Given its strong flavor, Moringa finds its best companion in the realm of fruity juices rather than going solo.

To truly relish your Moringa tea, it’s essential to blend it with ingredients that have robust flavors and can either overshadow or complement its distinct “earthy” taste.

If you’re on the lookout for ways to elevate the taste of your Moringa tea or juice, look no further!

Here are our top 15 favorite additions to enhance your Moringa tea.

1. Honey 

Enhancing your hot cup of Moringa tea is as simple as adding a touch of honey.

The infusion of honey not only gives it a delightful sweetness but also introduces a distinctive flavor to your freshly brewed tea blend. That’s why this ingredient is at the top spot on our list.

honey for moringa

2. Ginger 

Ginger, well-known for its potent properties, is a superfood derived from a well-known root.

The vibrant, almost fruity spice of fresh ginger works wonders in a variety of recipes, ranging from smoothies to teas.

Incorporate ginger into some of your preferred Moringa recipes, and prepare to be amazed by the results!

3. Cocoa

The irresistible combination of cocoa, cacao, and chocolate can elevate the flavor of any dish, including Moringa tea.

Enhance the deliciousness of your smoothie or tea by incorporating a touch of cocoa!

cocoa powder with Moringa

4. Spirulina  

Spirulina, a member of the blue-green algae family, has health benefits comparable to Moringa, featuring a natural flavor that is equally robust, if not stronger.

Creating Moringa tea with a dash of spirulina results in a fantastic recipe, brimming with nutrition and a unique taste. Please note that it’s an “acquired” taste, but we happen to enjoy it!

5. Green Tea 

Moringa, abundant in antioxidants, whether used in fresh or dried form, makes an excellent addition to any green tea brew.

Blend Moringa with green tea for a steaming cup filled with a whole lot of nutrients.

green tea with Moringa

6. Dandelion 

Dandelions, known for their taste and health benefits, make a delightful addition to your diet. Incorporating this ingredient into your Moringa tea is a wonderful choice for overall health!

7. Peanut Butter

Creating a delightful blend of peanut butter and Moringa requires an extra ingredient. Opting for a banana as the additional ingredient results in a delicious recipe that enhances the nutty and earthy flavors of both the nuts and Moringa.

peanut butter on toast with Moringa

8. Banana   

Bananas serve as an excellent foundation for any beverage, providing a savory taste and desirable texture to your Moringa tea recipe. Additionally, you can craft a delicious smoothie by blending Moringa with frozen banana and other ingredients of your preference.

9. Blueberries  

We adore blueberries for their rich content of healthy antioxidants and delightful flavor, making them both beautiful and nutritious. Incorporating blueberries into your Moringa tea will give off a unique taste without significantly altering the overall flavor profile.

blueberries with Moringa

10. Coconut Milk 

When coconut is introduced into a recipe, its distinctive flavor becomes immediately apparent. While it may seem unconventional, adding coconut to your Moringa tea creates a delightful synergy, producing a tropical-like flavor that complements Moringa beautifully!

11. Lemon Juice

Citrus is another fantastic option. However, due to its potency, we do not advise mixing Moringa powder directly with lemon juice and consuming it. Instead, consider adding some Moringa to your next glass of lemonade, or incorporate it into your cucumber-lemon water. The citrus flavor will significantly enhance the taste and provide additional health benefits.

lemon juice

12. Apple juice 

Mixing Moringa with apple juice is another popular option. Apple juice, being a reasonably neutral juice, serves as a versatile foundation. Its flavor won’t compete with the Moringa but rather complements it wonderfully, offering a fruity and natural sweetener. However, be cautious about the sugar content in apple juice; opt for sugar-free options to maintain a healthier beverage.

13. White grape juice  

Harness the essential vitamins in Moringa leaves by boiling them in water. Mix the extracted tea with white grape juice for a delightful alternative to apple juice, offering a sweeter touch compared to regular grape juice. This combination of mixing white grape juice with Moringa tea creates a healthy and energizing beverage, perfect for a nutritious breakfast.

white grape juice

14. Pear juice

Leveraging its mild taste, pear juice serves as an excellent base ingredient in intricate fruit juice blends. As a substitute for refined sugar, pear juice imparts similar sweetness to sugar water but is a much healthier choice. Incorporating Moringa into your pear juice and Moringa tea won’t compromise the taste; instead, it adds sweetness and vibrancy, creating a mutually enhancing combination.

15. Orange Juice

Capitalizing on its high vitamin C content, delightful taste, and pulpy texture, orange juice stands out as an excellent choice for a morning beverage. When you incorporate Moringa into a cup of freshly squeezed orange juice, the difference is barely noticeable. Enhancing your morning routine with Moringa tea provides numerous benefits, and adding orange juice only makes it better!

Orange fruit

The Health Benefits of Moringa Tea

The Moringa tree stands as an exceptional source of essential vitamins and minerals. Its leaves has seven times the potassium content of bananas and a vitamin C concentration seven times higher than oranges. Additionally, Moringa is rich in healing and muscle-building nutrients, including protein, calcium, iron, and amino acids.

Dried Moringa leaves are abundant in antioxidants, effectively preventing cell damage and fortifying the immune system. Our research indicates that these antioxidants can contribute to reducing body fat, sugar levels, and blood pressure.


And there you have it. We’ve listed out the 15 different ingredients that adds a unique flavor to your Moringa tea!  From the sweet touch of honey to the robust spice of ginger, and the delightful addition of blueberries, they all work wonders in their own way. Discover surprising combinations and boost your tea with a variety of natural sweeteners, fruits, and superfoods. Elevate your Moringa tea to new heights and savor the taste of health and wellness. Cheers to a delightful journey of Moringa-infused goodness!

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