Turmeric and Moringa for Weight Loss

Want to achieve that ideal summer body?

Same here.

Although Turmeric and Moringa won’t do ALL the heavy lifting when it comes to weight loss, they can certainly boost the process of shedding that persistent belly fat.

Are Turmeric and Moringa Good for Weight Loss?

Turmeric and Moringa Tea have proven to be an effective and healthy way to increase weight loss. Combined with regular exercise and a nutritious diet, consuming Turmeric and Moringa tea daily has been shown to accelerate the weight loss process and add many long-term benefits to health.

Can Moringa and Turmeric Be Taken Together?

Moringa and Turmeric can be taken together. The blend of Moringa combined with Turmeric as a weight loss tea is not just a highly nutritious combo but can act as a relaxing beverage. It is exactly what you are looking for in your weight loss journey!

Moringa and Turmeric Combination Benefits

Together, Moringa and turmeric work synergistically to promote overall wellness. The combination may help reduce inflammation, boost energy levels, improve digestion, and support cardiovascular health. As we know from above, these superfoods have also been linked in many studies to fight against cancer and certain inflammatory-linked diseases. While taking just one of these superfoods would be great for your health, the combination is even better.

What Is Moringa Good For?

This ancient Indian herb, formerly known as the Moringa Oleifera tree, has mostly been used in Ayurveda medicine. The impressive weight loss benefits of Moringa Powder use have recently attracted the attention of millions of people. The diverse and very nutritive Moringa tree satisfies a large portion of essential amino acids and antioxidants.

How Effective is Moringa Powder to Lose Weight?

According to research, Moringa powder has been shown to induce weight loss, anti-diabetic, and anti-dyslipidemic properties in the test subjects. By just consuming 50 grams of Moringa powder along with a meal, scientists noted that decreased blood glucose levels by 21%. (Source)

While we love that you’re reading this blog, you should read this research paper. It will add some validity to the rest of this article and give you a complete overview of how great this plant is.

Read that research paper here.

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You can also head over to our full Moringa guide Introduction to Moringa Guide

What Health Benefits Does Moringa Have?

Moringa has numerous medicinal benefits. While Moringa has excellent antioxidants and amino acid profile, many focus on its weight loss benefits. Moringa powder helps to reduce fat formation, which could help you lose weight. Moringa powder also has excellent anti-diabetic properties and contains chlorogenic acid that helps control blood sugar.

If consumed in capsule form, Moringa Olieferia can act as an aid for many cardiovascular problems. It can enhance some specific medications, but only after consulting a healthcare practitioner.

Moringa powder can also help in controlling blood pressure levels. This superfood blend has significantly decreased cholesterol levels, which is a good sign for diabetic patients.

What is Turmeric Good For?

Another traditional Indian spice is Turmeric, and Turmeric is sometimes called Golden Spice due to its magical properties. In contrast to Moringa, Turmeric’s extraction process is similar to other spices, and people usually extract Turmeric by crushing it into a fine powder for its further use.

Turmeric is well known for its anti-inflammatory benefits, but it may also help to promote weight loss if appropriately included in one’s daily routine.

What Health Benefits Does Turmeric Have?

Numerous health advantages of Turmeric have been supported by science, including the possibility of preventing heart disease, cancer, and Alzheimer’s. It is an effective antioxidant and anti-inflammatory that flushes fatty acids from the body and functions as a fat burner to aid in weight reduction.

Turmeric powder can also act as a traditional medicine for skin diseases. This is still done in many conventional medicine practices, stemming from work throughout India.

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This can be done by adding a thick paste combined with water, or fresh milk can be applied directly to the skin to treat many skin ailments.

How Many Forms of Moringa are there that Could be Consumed?

Moringa is an edible tree that can later take various shapes and forms for final consumption. Even the Moringa seeds can be eaten. While known to lower blood pressure, these seeds are known to act as a laxative. Moringa leaves can be chewed to eliminate digestive issues.

Commercially, Moringa leaves have been processed into capsules and powder to act as Moringa supplements.

While many will prefer to eat the leaves, these supplements have the same great benefits that the leaves have.

Using the powder or the capsules is a great way to add Moringa to your diet.

Moringa Oil helps remove joint pain through regular massages and it can also be applied to treat skin ailments.

Moringa is incredibly diverse, and however you decide to take it, it will still work great.

Remember, the most important thing about taking Moringa is consistency, not necessarily the form you take.

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In Which Form is it Preferred to Take Moringa?

Since Moringa capsules do not include any chemicals or artificial components as per the studies, they are favored by many people. The Moringa powdered leaf is more potent and effective because of its extraction process, which makes it highly nutritious.

We know it will differ from person to person, but most seem to stick to the powdered form of Moringa.

This makes sense; it’s the cheapest to buy. Whether you like the crushed leaf powder or the Moringa seeds, Moringa will help you on your weight loss journey.

How Do You Make Moringa and Turmeric Tea?

Here are the ingredients you will need:

  • Moringa powder or Moringa leaves
  • Turmeric
  • Water
  • Lemon (optional)
  • Black pepper (optional)
  • Honey

Here’s how to make Moringa and Turmeric Tea

  1. Start making a pure Moringa Leaf Tea
  2. Once it comes to a boil, add a pinch or two of Turmeric Powder
  3. Let it brew for 2-3 mins
  4. Add Lemon, black pepper, and Honey

Adding black pepper and Lemon is optional, but it helps to lose weight quickly as its combination with Turmeric can enhance fat breakdown.

Finally, add Honey to get the tea to your desired sweetness (we like it a little more tarty).

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What is Better Moringa or Turmeric?

Moringa powder has been shown to be more effective when it comes to losing weight compared to Turmeric. Though many summary studies suggest that the blend of both healthy compounds makes this tea very powerful, it is Moringa for the win.

If we had to choose just one, we would recommend Moringa powder for faster and more reliable results. However, this does not mean Turmeric is not recommended.

Moringa is only solo recommended in a scenario where you cannot use a blend.

More information on this can be found here.

What is Turmeric Cinnamon and Moringa Tea Good For?

It is proven that Moringa leaf powder and turmeric tea can help you lose weight, but adding cinnamon pushes this tea to a new level. This superfood trio helps control blood sugar, acts as an immunity booster, and improves metabolism by removing fatty acids.

At What Time Should This Tea Be Taken For Effective Results?

Weight loss teas are best recommended on an empty stomach in the morning before breakfast; this is the best time to boost your metabolism. You can also drink this tea before bedtime to clear your body from unnecessary toxins and inflammation that could lead to weight gain.

How Much Time Does it Take for Turmeric and Moringa Tea to Work for Weight Loss?

It takes two weeks for turmeric and Moringa tea to have visible weight loss effects. While things take a while to show results, consistent use will ensure long-term benefits from these two. The reduction in inflammation will also help you feel better.

Once you start drinking this tea, you’ll experience significant weight loss and feel noticeably lighter.

The tea keeps the impurities out of the system.

Even though it takes a week or two for some people to see changes, many give up early, as the results aren’t immediate.

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Are there Any Reported Side Effects of Moringa and Turmeric Tea?

Moringa Oleifera and Turmeric is an easy-to-make and efficient combination that has gained popularity for its beneficial properties, and no side effects have ever been reported. Moringa Powder and Turmeric Tea is a great drink to add to your weight loss journey.


In summary, while achieving that ideal summer body requires effort, Turmeric and Moringa can be valuable allies in your weight loss journey. Their combination in a tea not only aids in shedding stubborn belly fat but also offers a plethora of health benefits. From reducing inflammation to boosting energy, improving digestion, and supporting cardiovascular health, the synergistic effects of Moringa and Turmeric make them a powerful duo.

Whether taken in capsules, powder, or tea form, the key lies in consistency. Embrace the journey, stay committed, and let Turmeric and Moringa be your partners in achieving your health and fitness goals. Cheers to a healthier and more vibrant you!

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