Can I Take Moringa On An Empty Stomach? [And What Are The Benefits?]

 While the immediate benefits of Moringa on an empty stomach are evident for the short term, it’s essential to acknowledge that certain desired effects, such as cholesterol reduction and memory improvement, require consistent, long-term use and may take months to become noticeable. Therefore, choosing take Moringa with a full stomach provides the advantage of flexibility in consumption and you will most likely stick to that habit.

As you may not require the short-term benefits as urgently, incorporating Moringa into various meals, such as protein shakes, dinners, or even your favorite ice cream, becomes feasible to maintain this habit long term. This adaptability promotes adherence to a long-term Moringa routine, allowing you to enjoy its advantages in diverse and enjoyable ways while mitigating its tangy taste.

full stomach of moringa

The final and most obvious benefit of having Moringa on a full stomach is that it makes it… possible.

Some people find it challenging to handle Moringa on an empty stomach. It might be too strong, or their busy schedules leave no window for an empty stomach. Take my sister, for instance; she was a frequent eater, snacking every two hours. Suggesting that she find an empty stomach slot for Moringa would deter her completely.

For many, the advantage of taking Moringa with a full stomach lies in its simplicity and convenience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Drink Moringa Tea on an Empty Stomach

Yes, you can drink Moringa Tea on an Empty Stomach. I drink this every morning with ginger and mint tea. The benefit of doing this, is the Moringa starts to take effect immediately. 

How Many Moringa Leaves Should I Eat Per Day

To know how many Moringa Leaves you should be eating per day you should take all of the leaves off your Moringa tree and add them to a measuring cup. Use 1 to 2 cups of fresh Moringa leaves daily.

Moringa Powder Interactions Negatively

Consuming Moringa powder may lead to some weird interactions. Moringa powder interacts negatively with Levothyroxine and has been shown to decrease liver absorption of some other medicines. Levothyroxine is a medicine that is used to treat hypothyroidism, a function of a low-performing thyroid. (Read More Here)

Best Time To Take Moringa Powder

The best time to take Moringa is at a time when you can be consistent. Since the benefits of Moringa are long-term, you should take your Moringa powder whenever you can be most consistent. If you can stay consistent, we like Moringa powder during the day for an energy boost.

Moringa Juice On Empty Stomach

Moringa juice is perfect on an empty stomach. While I prefer the tea, many of my friends enjoy Moringa juice on an empty stomach. I would try a tiny bit of Moringa at first, just to make sure your stomach does not get upset. After that, Moringa juice is perfectly fine to take on an empty stomach. 


Should You Take Moringa In The Morning Or At Night?

You can take Moringa whenever you want, but remember that for many, Moringa acts as an energy booster. This leads to the morning being the best time to take Moringa, as many are kept up at night if they eat or drink Moringa late at night.

Our complete introduction to Moringa, Moringa 101 can be found in the article below:

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