What Does Moringa Smell Like? [Here’s The Best Description]

Moringa originates from various countries, yet its distinctive aroma remains consistent, regardless of its origin. The primary variation in the scent of Moringa lies in its form.

Let’s delve into the various forms of Moringa and their respective smells. 

What Does Moringa Smell Like?

Moringa powder and leaves have a distinctly earthy smell, reminiscent of a blend between roasted nuts and acidic coffee. However, this fragrance of Moringa isn’t overpowering, particularly when compared to the added scents present in other forms such as Moringa oil and body wash.

Type of Moringa

There are two primary types of Moringa: Moringa Oleifera and Moringa Stenopetala.

While both varieties offer health benefits, Moringa Oleifera is the strain most commonly utilized and referenced.

In this article, our focus is specifically on products made with Moringa Oleifera, as it is more prevalent and widely available in the market compared to its counterpart.

Moringa Powder Smell (Light Scent)

Given that Moringa comes from the earth, it’s no surprise that Moringa powder has a distinct earthy aroma. Once Moringa leaves undergo the transformation into powder, their nutty essence and inherent minerals permeate, creating a robust acidic scent.

Moringa Powder Smell (Light Scent)

As Moringa powder is finely ground, it breaks down internal chemicals, allowing the flower’s undertones to emerge, creating a fresh fragrance.

In this form, the natural scents of Moringa are most pronounced, with no added fragrances to mask them, enabling us to fully appreciate the powder’s aroma.

Those with an affinity for the rich smell of black coffee, woody notes, nutty nuances, and other acidic-based aromas will find delight in the natural scent of Moringa powder. Given its widespread popularity in powdered form, encountering the scent of Moringa in this state is highly likely.

However, even if these scents aren’t typically your preference, rest assured that Moringa’s aroma isn’t strong enough to deter you from incorporating it into your diet.

Moringa Leaves Smell

While Moringa powder enjoys widespread popularity, Moringa leaves possess their own distinct aroma, which leans towards a greener scent profile.

Due to the absence of the grounding process, most of the internal nutrients within the leaves remain in their vibrant state, somewhat masking their fragrance. Though Moringa leaves still carry a hint of nuttiness, it’s notably subtler and may prove more challenging to guess once you’ve given it a sniff. (See More)

When taking in the aroma of Moringa leaves, you’re likely to detect hints of pesticides, other garden scents, or the overall essence of the Moringa tree itself before pinpointing the specific fragrance of the leaves.

Nevertheless, the fresh garden aroma stands as a notable advantage of Moringa leaves over the powdered form.

Moringa leaves, especially when still green, gives off one of the freshest scents found in the plant kingdom. Even today, the aroma of Moringa leaves evokes memories of a freshly watered garden for me.

Undoubtedly, the delightful scent of Moringa leaves is just one of the numerous benefits of growing Moringa at home, offering a unique experience compared to purchasing it from a store.

Moringa Shower Gel Smell

The first bucket has to deal with non-scent added, where the smell of Moringa can be radiant.

The Moringa shower gel ranks among the most sought-after products on the market today. However, when it comes to the aroma of these products, there are two distinct categories.

In the first category, we find products with no added scent, allowing the natural fragrance of Moringa to shine through radiantly.

On the other hand, the second category consists of products with added fragrances, where these scents may overshadow the distinctive aroma of Moringa.

Moringa Shower Gel

Pure Moringa Shower Gel Smell

The smell lingering on your skin post-using a Moringa shower gel or Moringa body butter is truly unparalleled. Moringa Oleifera was crafted to infuse shower gels with delicate floral hints and other subtle undertones.

Stepping out of the shower, you’ll be greeted by vibrant notes of citrus and oranges.

I vividly recall a time when my husband remarked that I smelt like freshly peeled grapefruit straight from the garden after using the Moringa shower gel.

To be transparent, on one occasion, a friend who stayed over for the night utilized the body wash. As we spoke later over tea, she suggested that the Moringa shower gel smelt like olive oil.

While we respectfully disagree with this assessment (and we describe it as citrus-infused), it’s worth noting that a few others have shared similar observations!

Enhanced Moringa Shower Gel Smell

Sometimes, when purchasing a Moringa shower gel, you may encounter additional fragrances incorporated into the formula.

As mentioned earlier, the natural smell of Moringa isn’t potent enough to dominate over these added fragrances.

Vanilla is a common addition to such blends, often swiftly overpowering the Moringa scent. However, this doesn’t imply that the combination of these scents isn’t delightful.

Yet, it does seem counterintuitive to purchase a product marketed for its Moringa aroma if it doesn’t actually smell like Moringa!

What Does Moringa Oil Smell Like? (Strong Scent)

If you’re fond of the aroma of Moringa powder, you’re bound to be captivated by the smell of Moringa oil.

In essence, Moringa oil is the concentrated extract derived from Moringa. Through a cold-pressed extraction method, all the vital nutrients are preserved, while any non-essential components of the leaves are thrown out.

Moringa Oil Smell (Strong Scent)

Moringa oil represents a more potent form of Moringa. With this increased potency comes a more robust smell.

Similar to previous descriptions, you’ll likely detect a nutty and woodsy scent. Unlike some oils infused with additional fragrances, Moringa oil maintains its natural essence, rich with various vitamins and natural remedies. While its scent may not be subtle, the healing properties of Moringa oil are undeniable. It’s renowned for its efficacy in addressing dry skin concerns and has demonstrated remarkable results in combating wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, fine lines, and dry scalp issues.

For those seeking an effective method to incorporate Moringa into their routine, Moringa oil often stands out as one of the finest options, blending seamlessly with various applications.

My personal favorite Moringa oil that I like to use for my skin and has really helped for my dry skin, especially during the winter season is the Moringa oil by True Moringa. 

View the price on Amazon here. 

Does Moringa Smell Like Vanilla?

Moringa possesses a distinct earthy aroma that bears no resemblance to vanilla. Its scent is best described as a blend of roasted nuts and acidic coffee. If your Moringa product has a vanilla fragrance, it’s likely been infused with vanilla, masking the natural scent of Moringa.

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In summary, Moringa’s smell remains consistent regardless of its origin, with variations primarily attributed to its form. Moringa powder and leaves emit an earthy scent, reminiscent of roasted nuts and acidic coffee, while Moringa oil presents a more powerful, nutty, and woodsy fragrance. While some products may be infused with additional scents like vanilla, it’s essential to prioritize Moringa’s natural aroma when selecting products. Understanding Moringa’s scent profile can enhance the overall experience of incorporating this versatile superfood into your daily routines!

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