What Does Moringa Smell Like?

Moringa comes from many countries, but the smell will be the same regardless of where you get it from.

One of the only differences when it comes to the smell of Moringa is the form that it is in.

Below we will go over the different forms of Moringa and how each one smells.

What Does Moringa Smell Like?

Moringa powder and leaves have a very earthy aroma, and this smell is a cross between roasted nuts and acidic coffee. However, Moringa’s scent is not powerful enough to overcome the added fragrances in other forms like moringa oil and body wash.

Type of Moringa

There are two types of Moringa, Moringa Oleifera, and Moringa Stenopetala.

While Moringa Stenopetala has many health benefits, Moringa Oleifera is the strain commonly taken and referenced.

Throughout this article, we’re explicitly talking about items made with Moringa Oleiferia, as the alternative is not nearly as abundant on the market.

Moringa Powder Smell (Light Scent)

Since we know that Moringa comes from the earth, it is not shocking that Moringa powder has a very earthy smell.

Once Moringa leaves have been transformed into powder, the nutty smell, and other natural minerals push through to create a robust acidic smell.

Moringa Powder Smell (Light Scent)

Since the Moringa Powder is ground, many internal chemicals are broken up, allowing the flower’s fresh smell to come through. (See More)

The natural smells of Moringa are most potent in this form, and since there are no added fragrances, nothing is blocking us from taking in the full scent of the moringa powder.

Those who enjoy the smell of a cup of black coffee, woody scents, nutty scents, and other acidic-based food will love the natural smell of Moringa in its powder form.

Since Moringa in its powdered form is the most popular, you’ll have the highest chance of smelling it in this form.

Even if the scents above aren’t your thing, I wouldn’t worry too much about the smell of Moringa, as it’s not strong enough to deter you from eating it.

Moringa Leaves Smell

While the leaves are almost as famous as the powder, moringa leaves have a much greener smell.

Without the grounding process, most of the internal nutrients are still in their lively form – concealing much of the scent.

The Moringa leaves still have a nutty aroma, but it is much weaker and harder to guess once you’ve given it a sniff. (See More)

When smelling the moringa leaves, you’ll probably notice pesticides, other smells in your garden, or just the overall smell of the moringa tree before you can notice the aroma specifically from the leaves.

However, the fresh garden smell is one advantage of the leaves over the powder.

Moringa leaves (before they are yellow) have one of the freshest smells any plant can have.

This smell still, to this day, reminds me of a freshly watered garden.

The smell of the moringa leaves is one of the many excellent benefits of growing Moringa compared to buying it in the store.

Moringa Shower Gel Smell

The moringa shower gel is one of the most popular products on the market.

However, there are two different types regarding the smell of these products.

The first bucket has to deal with non-scent added, where the smell of Moringa can be radiant.

Moringa Shower Gel

The other has to do with fragrant added products, where these fragrances mask the scent of Moringa.

Pure Moringa Shower Gel Smell

The smell on your skin after using a moringa shower gel or moringa body butter is the most unique in the world.

Moringa Olieferia was designed to be placed in a shower gel with hints of flowers and other floral undertones.

You will leave the shower with strong smells of citrus and oranges.

One time, when leaving the shower – my husband told me that I smelled like freshly peeled grapefruit – right from the garden.

I will be honest; I did have a friend stay over one night who used the body wash.

Once she left the shower, we talked later that night over tea, and she suggested that the moringa shower gel smelled like olive oil.

While we disagree with this (and usually will tell guests it smells like citrus), we have seen a few other accounts of this.

Enhanced Moringa Shower Gel Smell

Sometimes, when purchasing a moringa shower gel, there will be other fragrances within that same shower gel.

Like we said earlier, Moringa does not have a strong enough natural smell to overpower the scent of these added fragrances.

Usually, we will see vanilla added to the mixture, which quickly eliminates the smell of the Moringa.

However, that does not mean that these two do not smell great together.

It does not make sense to purchase a moringa-smelling product that does not even smell like Moringa.

What Does Moringa Oil Smell Like? (Strong Scent)

If you enjoy the smell of moringa powder, you’ll love the smell of moringa oil.

Essentially, moringa oil is the extract from Moringa. Due to the cold-pressed extraction process, all the essential nutrients are conserved while the other non-essential parts of the leaves are thrown out.

Moringa Oil Smell (Strong Scent)

Meaning is a higher potency form of Moringa.

With this higher potency, we also get a more pungent smell.

Again, like before – we will notice a nutty and woodsy aroma.

Moringa oil does not have a soft smell; when opened right away, you will be able to smell the different vitamins and natural remedies within the bottle.

While some oils are laced with another fragrance, Moringa oil’s purpose is healing.

The benefits of moringa oil can help with dry skin and have been shown to work wonders for wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, fine lines, and dry scalp.

If you’re looking for a way to take Moringa and want to utilize a method that mixes very well, moringa oil is usually one of the best options.


Does Moringa Smell Like Vanilla?

Moringa smells nothing like vanilla and has a very earthy aroma. This smell is a cross between roasted nuts and acidic coffee. If your moringa product smells like vanilla, there’s a high chance it’s been infused with vanilla, and you’re not smelling the moringa.

Other Articles on Moringa

While Moringa is not complicated, you will want a complete guide that helps you understand what you will be taking. Moringa Olieferia (miracle tree) is one of the most potent superfoods on the market.

Our guide, Moringa 101, goes through literally every question you could ever have about Moringa.

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Is Moringa Right For Me?

Now that you know that Moringa Oleiferia smells good enough to wear as a perfume, we hope you try some.

While many people online think that Moringa has a powerful smell, this is usually because Moringa is the first non-processed superfood that people will try.

Since Moringa Oleiferia has gained attention from people outside of just gardening, many people who have never tried vegetables and other superfoods first venture into this side through Moringa Oleiferia.

While this is exciting, it also leads to some sadly exaggerated information.

Moringa Oleiferia’s smell is incredible and in line with other superfoods. The almost milk-smelling sweetness from the earthy scent is fantastic.

Not only will it taste fantastic, but you’ll have a mild superfood loaded with powerful nutrition that can help you get a little healthier.

Shelby Kaplan