What Does Moringa Taste Like? [We Tasted It For You]

Statements such as “Well, it looks like a green powder; it must be Matcha!” are expected, given that moringa powder and matcha powder have similar eerie appearances. So, the question is: What does moringa oleifera taste like?

The taste of moringa trees is a mix of matcha, Spirulina, and algae. When consumed raw or processed, Moringa Oleifera has a blend of an earthy flavor with a touch of something slightly bitter. It certainly has a unique taste, but not one that makes it difficult to consume.

Despite being a visual twin to matcha, it has a slightly bitter taste than matcha (at least we think so).

If you want a comparison, It tastes more like matcha that has been enhanced with undertones of blue-green algae. (Slightly resembles Spirulina)

What Do Moringa Seeds Taste Like?

Moringa oleifera seeds have a texture somewhat similar to green beans – tiny green seeds. However, compared to green beans or the processed form of this drumstick tree, the flavor of moringa pods or seeds is much smoother, richer, and sweeter.

The seeds not only have a higher concentration of nutrients, but their taste is also better.

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The seeds are hard to get your hands on and will probably mean you’ll have to grow them.

These would taste better than any other processed version of the miracle tree. While most powders are pure Moringa, growing it yourself ensures that the seeds don’t include artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives.

Just a warning, these seeds do act as a laxative, so be very careful about how many you consume.

What Taste Does Fresh Moringa Leaves Have?

Fresh moringa leaves have a significantly stronger flavor than moringa powder taste. Fresh leaves have a spicy flavor, similar to raw cabbage, radish, mustard sprouts, cress, watercress, or nasturtium leaves. Fresh Moringa Leaves also have more nutrition since they haven’t been processed.

Moringa leaves have a mild flavor and are suitable for salads and sandwiches.

This healthy leaf can be substituted or added along with spinach or green vegetables to salads and sandwiches.

My kids don’t even realize half of their meals have been enriched by fresh moringa leaves!

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What Do Dried Moringa Oleifera Seeds Taste Like?

While dried moringa seeds are known for their ability to cleanse the human body and act as a powerful laxative, they still have that smooth, rich sweet taste of non-dried seeds. These are often compared to green beans, which have a similar texture.

Does Moringa Tree Taste Similar To Grass?

Moringa and grass might look alike for an inexperienced eye, but it would be hilarious to believe they taste anything alike. Moringa tree is indeed rooted and surrounded by grass, but let’s not make the mistake of assuming that it tastes similar to grass.

Sometimes Moringa can have grass-like undertones.

This depends on how you’ve added moringa powder to your diet and how creative your flavor profile is.

There can be a distinct grassy (earthy) aroma while preparing a moringa-related food or drink.

However, even though both have an earthy taste, grass tastes much more like dirt than Moringa.

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Does Fresh Moringa Taste Better Than A Processed One?

According to a study, fresh Moringa tastes less bitter and better than processed Moringa. Fresh Moringa Leaf was categorized as having a mild flavor similar to green tea, stemmy green beans, and tulip stems, with a more potent flavor when mashed between teeth.

Why Does Fresh Raw Moringa Taste Best?

Since the Fresh Raw Moringa Leaves haven’t been processed, the amounts of glucomoringin appear to have not been altered.

Not only that, but the glucosoonjnain within the unaltered Moringa is much lower than in the processed, resulting in a better taste.

While the taste may differ slightly, many health benefits are associated with dried moringa powder.

This is due to its rich nutrient profile filled with proteins, amino acids, antioxidants, and flavonoids.

Dried Moringa leaf can also be sprinkled into smoothies, yogurts, and juices.

What Does Cooked Moringa Taste Like?

The flavor and texture of cooked Moringa differ from that of raw Moringa. When cooked or processed, Moringa has a more bland flavor and doesn’t lean toward bitter or sweet. Overcooking the Moringa Plant can produce a taste similar to that of spinach.

Remember, too much heat kills most enzymes and vitamins in the moringa leaves.

As a general rule, never boil fresh moringa leaves or powder for an extended period of time!

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What does Moringa Pasta Taste Like?

Pasta, the ultimate indulgence of many people, can be transformed into a healthy meal when you add the right ingredient – Moringa. While we know to hear the name Moringa pasta brings doubts to your mind, rest assured the taste is simply exceptional.

Even more exciting, the recipe for making Moringa pasta is not much of a hassle.

All you need to do is make regular pasta and add Moringa with other spices and herbs during your cooking process.

For some, incorporating Moringa into pasta might make the pasta taste slightly sweet, though we don’t taste the difference too much.

Moringa can also be boiled into the pasta!

What Taste Does Moringa Soup Have?

Just as Moringa eaten raw is healthy, adding Moringa to your favorite soup may significantly improve the overall flavor and your health. It would taste amazing and fill the meal with an earthy undertone when added to chicken soup or any other soup of choice.

What Taste Does Moringa Oil Have When Added As Dressings?

Moringa oil has a sharper and slightly enhanced taste compared to the other forms of Moringa. Oil of any herb, seed pods, or plant is prone to have added enriched texture and taste to it. Remember, most forms of Moringa Oil are topical oil, which is not for consumption.

How Does A Moringa Taste When Added To Milk?

When adding Moringa to Milk and Smoothies, Moringa enriches its flavor and aroma. Our favorite is when we add Moringa to milk with two teaspoons of honey, which will make the milk taste sweet and activate the antioxidants of the Moringa. 

Many of those that are lactose intolerant have found success adding moringa leaf powder to their milk.

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However, if it’s still too much, you can try powdered milk.

While many will try to stir this combination, putting it in a blender will make the blend so much better.

What Taste Does Moringa Tea Have?

Like green tea, Moringa has an earthy taste and can withstand high temperatures and slightly extended brewing times. Moringa tea is less bitter and astringent than green tea, and the tea is usually sweetened with honey, fresh mint, and cinnamon to counteract the earthy undertones.

Does Moringa Tea Taste Similar To Green Tea?

Both these herbal teas are the epitome of potent medicinal properties. Even though there exists an endless variety of green teas and the process of making them, it does not certainly resemble the taste of Moringa when made without any added ingredients. We find Moringa to be stronger in taste.

Moringa and Green Teas are not too similar but can be made similarly when consuming them in liquid form.

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While green tea has been known to suppress appetites, Moringa’s anti-inflammatory properties and strong antioxidant profile more than makeup for it.

Does Moringa Powder Enhance The Smell and Taste When Added To Beverages?

Any beverage is undoubtedly enhanced when Moringa is added. Moringa Powder is famously blended into water, milk, smoothies, salads, sandwiches, or cooked foods to improve the beverage’s taste and nutrient profile. 

When added to water for a detox or acid reflux, you get the complete nutrient profile of Moringa without the calories!

The recipe to make a water-infused moringa is quite simple.

Just grab the desired cup of water and bring it to a boil, then add a moringa to it with a pinch of any other nutritious ingredient you wish to add.

Boom! It’s done!

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Moringa powder is not heavy; light powder dissolves easily in beverages.

What Does Expired Moringa Taste Like?

In the unlikely event someone unintentionally eats Moringa past its expiry date, they should be aware of how bitter and sour it will taste. If someone did try to eat expired Moringa, they most likely couldn’t get it down their throats because of the terrible taste.

Which Tastes Better, Moringa or Spirulina? 

Both superfoods are healthier alternatives to opt for as caffeine-free beverages or additions to food. Taking moringa or moringa products is highly nutritious and tackles various health problems. We prefer the taste of Moringa over the taste of Spirulina.

Even though Spirulina has twice as much protein as Moringa, Moringa is superior in terms of vitamins and minerals.

Moringa offers four times more calcium, iron, vitamin A, Vitamin C, and fiber than Spirulina.

Is The Horseradish Tree The Same As Moringa?

Moringa has multiple names: horseradish tree, drumstick tree, and benzoil tree. Moringa has roots in northern India, and because of its increase in popularity over time in different regions of the world, it has received many names. Moringa is by far the most popular and correct name.


Are Moringa Leaves Bitter?

Moringa leaves eaten right off the tree will be pretty bitter. While I personally love this earthy, bitter flavor, many do not. To combat this, many put Moringa leaves into dishes like salads or wraps. This helps mask the bitter flavor a bit, and even leverages the bitter flavor to enhance the dishes.

Shelby Kaplan