What Happens When You Drink Moringa Every Day?

For years or, say, centuries, the Moringa tree has been used as a traditional source of medicine that offers a vast array of potential health benefits. Because of its numerous benefits, it is also called the “drumstick or the miracle tree.” This miracle tree is native to the foothills of the Himalayas, providing a beautiful sight and nutritional perks to the landscape. 

We can’t ignore the fact that it is packed with essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants; that’s why it has captured the attention of modern science to carry out research on its properties. 

Let’s see what happens when you drink Moringa every day. When you start your day with this nutrient-rich Moringa drink, you get a boost of energy that strengthens your immune system and promotes your skin health. 

To tell you more about its health benefits, we will explore this ancient remedy for its historic uses, nutritional profile, and short, mid, and long-term health benefits. So, stay with us!

Moringa smoothie

Historical Uses Of Moringa Plant

Moringa (Moringaceae) is available in 13 variants, among which the Moringa Peregrina, what we know as the Moringa Plant, is used as a household product. The Moringa tree has served as a trusted pillar of traditional medicine across various cultures. 

As early as 5000 years ago, Vedic literature in India documented its diverse healing potential, which reveals the plant’s offering solutions for an array of ailments. Its leaves were rubbed on the infected area to treat paralysis and skin diseases. In the 2000s, the bark juice was found to be used as a disinfectant and remedy for numerous complaints, including fever, headache, and even labor pain. 

In Oman (1980s-90s), the pod oil treated convulsions and infantile paralysis, while the seeds were widely used to manage diabetes and its associated symptoms like hyperlipidemia and hyperglycemia. 

In Arab countries, young leaves served as a traditional antioxidant and wound healer, while roots and leaves combined addressed hypertension, malaria, and stomach disorders.

Moringa’s value extended beyond mere medicine. Its young leaves found culinary use as a versatile vegetable, while immature and mature seeds were consumed roasted or fried in various regions. The seeds even played a role in combating malnutrition when mixed with other herbs. In the United Arab Emirates, Moringa transcended practicality, holding cultural, spiritual, and religious significance. The leaves lent their unique flavor to the traditional “tanour” smoked meat preparation, a practice proudly upheld by the locals.

Today, this miracle plant is available in the form of powder enriched with various health benefits. One such Moringa powder that I personally like to use is the Kuli Kuli  Moringa Powder, known for its balanced nutritional servings. 

Kuli Kuli Moringa powder

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The Short-Term Benefits Of Drinking Moringa (2-4 weeks)

When you start taking Moringa drink, you instantly find results within weeks. When it comes to the short-term benefits of drinking moringa, you experience a surge of energy with its B vitamins and iron within the initial weeks. Eventually, your gut will feel fresh with its prebiotic properties, and you will witness the glow in your skin from its rich antioxidant content. 

After the second week of continuous usage, this drink will boost your immune system with Vitamin C and will strengthen your skin’s defenses with essential nutrients. Whether you are using a drink made of Moringa powder or adding Pura Vida Moringa capsules to your drinks, the miracle tree will show its numerous benefits within weeks.

Moringa capsules

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Within the first 2-4 weeks of incorporating this versatile plant into your routine, you will see the following benefits:

  • Moringa’s nutrients might combat fatigue and enhance focus.
  • This drink may aid in digestion and has potential benefits for gut health.
  • Moringa’s antioxidants and vitamins might support the immune system.
  • It will reduce inflammation with its anti-inflammatory properties and potential benefits for joint pain or swelling.
  • Moringa may contribute to healthy skin due to antioxidants and vitamins.

The Mid-Term Benefits Of Drinking Moringa (2-6 months)

We can’t overstate the benefits a Moringa drink can bring to your lives within a span of 2 to 6 months. These mid-term benefits encourage you to continue its usage for the long term. You might notice sustained energy levels thanks to its iron and B vitamins and potentially experience improved sleep quality due to its relaxing compounds. 

Moringa’s potential to balance blood sugar and cholesterol levels could come into play, while its rich nutrients may contribute to healthier hair and weight management support. However, this plant doesn’t need to work in the same way for everyone, as individual experiences may vary. So, we recommend speaking to your doctor or dietician for support. 

Here are some benefits you will witness in the first 2 – 6 months:

  • This diving plant will help regulate blood sugar through various mechanisms.
  • This will contribute to healthy cholesterol levels.
  • Moringa has relaxing properties, so this might promote relaxation and better sleep due to its specific compounds.
  • Moringa’s nutrients might help you attain stronger and healthier hair.
  • Its properties might aid in weight management through potential appetite control or nutrient deficiencies.

The Long-Term Benefits Of Drinking Moringa (6 months – years)

The continuous usage of the Moringa drink can completely reform your lifestyle. Just imagine that when you use True Moringa Oil on your skin, you will notice replenished young skin that is hydrated from within. Now, think of what impact this antioxidant can have on your overall health when you drink it daily for years. 

True Moringa oil

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Moringa’s detoxifying properties might support your body’s natural cleansing processes, while its bone-supporting nutrients could contribute to long-term bone health. Its cognitive-boosting compounds might sharpen your mind, and its potential anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties could offer long-term health advantages. 

Here are some key points you need to remember when you continue its usage for years:

  • It offers detoxification support while contributing to the natural detoxification processes.
  • Moringa’s nutrients might support bone strength and mineral density.
  • This plant will add to cognitive function and brain health.
  • Moringa drink has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties for long-term benefits.
  • Moringa’s rich nutrient profile and potential role in combating micronutrient deficiencies.

Nutritional Profile Of Moringa Drink (Per Serving)

Drink Name







Vitamin C

Vitamin A



Simple Moringa Tea

1 tsp dried Moringa powder, 1 cup hot water






2mg (2% DV)


8mg (8% DV) 

0.4mg (3% DV) 

Moringa Green Smoothie

1 cup spinach, one banana, 1/2 cup mango, 1 tsp Moringa powder, 1 cup water






70mg (78% DV)

2200IU (44% DV)

240mg (24% DV)

1.8mg (10% DV)

Moringa Latte

1 cup unsweetened almond milk, 1 tsp Moringa powder, 1 teaspoon honey, 1/4 tsp cinnamon






2mg (2% DV) 


48mg (5% DV) 

0.2mg (1% DV)



  • DV = Daily Value based on a 2,000-calorie diet.
  • Nutrient values may differ based on the specific ingredients and brands used.
  • This is just a sample, and many other Moringa drink variations exist.
  • Consider any added ingredients and their impact on the overall nutritional profile.


So, there you go with the numerous benefits of Moringa! Now, you know what happens when you drink moringa every day, you can incorporate it into your routine. However, remember that if you witness any uncomfortable feelings while you use it, contact your doctor immediately, as it might not suit everyone. Enjoy your Moringa lifestyle!

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