What’s the Height of a Dwarf Moringa Tree? [We’ve Grown it]

Given the rising popularity of Moringa, it’s not unexpected that our readers are exploring various Moringa varietie such as the Moringa dwarf tree. 

The curiosity often centers around a distinctive Dwarf variety of Moringa, known for its remarkable characteristics that might align with specific needs or preferences that people have and the fact that is it a lot smaller than a regular Moringa tree that can exceed 20 feet in height!

What’s the Height of a Dwarf Moringa Tree?

The height of the dwarf Moringa tree varies based how the tree is grown. When grown as annuals and pruned to 3 or 4 feet, they encourage branching. Alternatively, cultivating the dwarf Moringa tree as a perennial and annual pruning can result in a height of 5 to 6 feet. Opting for the perennial approach tends to grow more leaves and immature pods.

This dwarfish Moringa tree differs drastically with the typical Moringa tree, which can exceed 20 feet in height. Harvesting of flowers, mature pods, and seeds is commonly done from taller and more mature Moringa trees.

The Dwarf Moringa Tree’s compact size is intriguing, especially considering the wealth of nutritional benefits associated with Moringa. Further details on the Dwarf Moringa Tree, its cultivation, and general Moringa information are provided below.

What is a Dwarf Moringa Tree?

The Dwarf Moringa stands out as an exceptional superfood, representing a unique variety within the Moringa Tree family, getting popularity globally. Originating from Northern India, it has adapted to flourish in various tropical and subtropical regions around the world.

Packed with antioxidants and vitamins, the nutrition profile of Dwarf Moringa offers immediate benefits to those who incorporate it into their diets. Notably, certain varieties of Dwarf Moringa boast a higher protein content in their leaves, adding to their nutritional allure.

Dwarf Moringa

Dwarf Moringa emerges as an ideal solution for individuals facing challenges in meeting their protein needs. With both its seeds and leaves being edible, this variety offers a versatile source of nutrition. The Dwarf Moringa’s distinct advantage lies in its faster growth rate and significantly reduced height compared to traditional Moringa trees.

One of the most renowned Dwarf Moringa varieties hails from Baker Creek, developed by Dr. Avtar Singh on his farm in Northern India. (Source)

Dwarf Moringa Tree Height

The height of the Dwarf Moringa Tree is flexible and can be adjusted based on cultivation practices. When grown as annuals, pruning can maintain a height of 3 or 4 feet, encouraging branching. Alternatively, as perennials, an annual cutback can restrict the height to 5 or 6 feet.

This adaptability makes the Dwarf Moringa Tree an excellent choice for individuals with limited space, allowing them to enjoy the remarkable benefits of Moringa in gardens or indoor settings.

Dwarf Moringa Tree Seeds

Growing Dwarf Moringa tree seeds can be challenging and pretty hard to do, as they are known for their low germination success.

To start, place 2 to 4 seeds in a cup with rainwater. No need to crack the seeds before soaking, as pre-cracking has shown a lower germination rate. Allow the seeds to plump up in the rainwater; patience is key. Plant them in a 5-gallon bucket filled with soil, sprinkling mulch on top for moisture retention. After about a month, transfer the sprouted seeds to individual pots or containers filled with soil.

This process helps improve the chances of successful germination and growth.

Dwarf Moringa Tree SeedsDwarf Moringa Tree Seeds (Table)

Category Information
Sprouts In 14-21 days
Temperature 80-90 F
Seed Depth 3/4-1 inch
Spacing 2′- 4′ apart
Frost Hardy No
Sunlight 8-12 hours


How to Keep a Moringa Tree Small

Maintaining a small Moringa tree is straightforward when grown as an annual, with consistent pruning limiting its maximum height.

Another option to consider is the Dwarf Moringa Tree, a specific variety known for its smaller size. This variety is particularly suitable for those with limited garden or indoor space, offering the benefits of Moringa without the challenges of managing a larger tree.

how to keep moringa tree small

The Dwarf Moringa Tree, a faster-growing and significantly smaller variety of the traditional Moringa Tree, is an excellent option for individuals facing challenges with the height of a standard Moringa Tree. This compact size makes it a practical and beneficial choice for those with space constraints or height-related concerns.

How to Grow Moringa Dwarf Tree in Containers

To cultivate Moringa dwarf seeds in a container, begin by germinating the seeds outside the container for a few days.

Once the seeds have germinated, transfer the Moringa plant to a container filled with mulch and soil. It’s worth noting that beyond a five-gallon bucket, we haven’t observed significant improvements in terms of bushiness or growth rate for container size.

 how to grow moringa in containers

This suggests that the growth of the Moringa Tree in a 10-gallon bucket will likely be very similar to the growth in a 5-gallon bucket. However, the growth in a 2-gallon bucket may not be the same as in a 5-gallon bucket.

While extra soil in larger containers may offer protection against overwatering, it is still recommended to plant your Moringa in a 5-gallon bucket, as it has proven to be successful.


In conclusion, the Dwarf Moringa Tree offers a unique and versatile option for enthusiasts exploring various Moringa varieties. With its adaptable height, the Dwarf Moringa can be grown as annuals, pruned to 3-4 feet, or developed as perennials, cut back to 5-6 feet. This compact size makes it an excellent choice for those with limited space, providing the remarkable benefits of Moringa without the challenges of managing a larger tree!

Additionally, Dwarf Moringa’s nutritional profile, including higher protein content in some varieties, adds to its appeal as an exceptional superfood. Whether facing height constraints or seeking a faster-growing option, the Dwarf Moringa emerges as a practical and beneficial solution.

Frequently Asked Questions


How Tall Does A Moringa Tree Grow?

The Moringa Tree is known to grow to over 20 ft tall. The traditional Moringa Tree grows over 30 feet tall in ideal conditions.

How Long Does Moringa Take To Grow?

Moringa is a very fast-growing tree. It will take a couple of weeks for the tree to sprout,  but once sprouted, you can expect to see this tree grow a couple of feet in a month. Moringa trees planted in summer can grow upwards of 7 feet before winter.

What are The Moringa Tree Varieties?

Two Famous Moringa varieties are Moringa Oleifera and Moringa Stenopetala. These two are very similar. However, the Stenopetala variety grows a little bit slower. The Oleifera variety is native to India, while the Stenopetala Is native to Africa. A third variety is the Dwarf Moringa Tree. The Dwarf Moringa Tree variety has an advantage over traditional Moringa as it grows faster and is not nearly as tall.

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